Leroy Metcalfe
Partner, President & CFO

Mr. Metcalfe is an Inuk from Nain currently residing in St. John’s.  He has over 15 years of experience in environmental consulting, project management and resource management. He has participated in and led various component studies related to environmental assessments and monitoring for activities such as the Voisey’s Bay Project and the Lower Churchill environmental assessment. His field survey experience includes extensive fisheries sampling for Lower Churchill Project, waterfowl surveys for various clients, marine mammal surveys, and application of GIS systems to data compilation and display.

Mr. Metcalfe was a key member of the team that constructed a Land Use GIS for the Labrador Inuit Association (now the Nunatsiavut Government) as an aid in community participation in the land selection process for finalization of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement.  Mr. Metcalfe also served for five years as the Lands and Resources Management Officer for the Labrador Inuit Association. During this time he participated in key elements of the land claims negotiations, related mapping issues, policy development and program delivery. Mr. Metcalfe co-negotiated an Impact and Benefits Agreement between the Labrador Inuit Association and Parks Canada for the Torngat Mountains National Park Reserve in northern Labrador. Leroy also led negotiations for the LIA'S shipping agreement for the Voisey's Bay Project. Through this experience and as a beneficiary of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement, Mr. Metcalfe brings a unique understanding of the issues and concerns facing communities in northern Labrador, perceptions toward resource development and emerging operating requirements for developments on Labrador Inuit Lands and within the Labrador Inuit Settlement Area.

Grant Vivian
Vice President, Operations

Mr. Vivian has 10 years working experience in research engineering and environmental consulting that spans a broad spectrum of skills.  He participated on several construction teams that completed fish passage and fish habitat projects from the conceptual stage through to final construction.  He has lead marine and freshwater field studies that involved the collection of water, sediment, benthos, fish, plankton, habitat classification, underwater video, and bathymetric data. He has completed several cutting edge projects that are new to the region of Newfoundland and Labrador.  These projects include the use of high resolution aerial photography to classify fish habitat and the use of Ground Penetrating Radar to conduct winter bathymetric modeling. His previous work experience relates directly to the northern regions where he used satellite technology to process high resolution river ice charts and iceberg maps off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.  He has valuable international experience working independently in surveying and GIS technology where he gained extensive knowledge in dimensional control concepts for structural design.  His technical expertise spans a broad spectrum of Geomatics including cartographic map analysis, satellite image processing, underwater acoustical systems, surveying and GIS technologies.



Ron Webb

Mr. Webb is a member of one of the prominent families in Nain.  He has combined a traditional way of life with commercial activities over the past 20 years, being active as a prominent hunter and trapper, while operating his own trucking business in Nain.  Ron has served on the executive of Labrador Inuit Association, including representing the North Coast residents through a Panel that intervened in the Voiseys Bay Mine and Mill Project environmental Hearings.  Since joining Sikumiut as a founding Partner, Ron has coordinated and led field surveys for a variety of projects including polar bear monitors for northern research surveys, and implementation of ships track marking to ensure safety for winter shipping to Voisey’s Bay through the landfast ice. Ron is active in community service, including Land Search and Rescue, Ulipatsiaut Committee and Rangers.


Gus Dicker

Mr. Dicker was born in Nain and grew up on the land hunting, trapping and fishing first with his father and later with other respected hunters from Nain and north.  His knowledge and experience is grounded in Inuit custom and practices and Inuttitut is his first language. Following a few years at residential school he completed courses at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Marine Institute focusing on the fishery and went on to manage the fish plant in Nain for 15 years.  His experience in management, his skills with people and his knowledge of his environment contributed to his role as co-lead hunter in the management of the Labrador Inuit commercial caribou hunt, and more recently as one of the managers for the Torngat Mountains National Park base camp.

Gus has used his experience and knowledge to work with industry and with government in developing wildlife and environmental baselines and conducting resource harvesting studies and has been a technical expert at environmental assessment hearings blending his Inuit knowledge with western science.