Quarry Design



Geoscience Services:

SEM has expanded to include a line of geoscience services to meet the demands of the construction, mineral and other industries throughout NL. This line of service will enable SEM to further meet the needs of our current and new clients by blending our new capability with existing services. One such new service is the development of quarry lease plans for submission to the regulator and to provide a complete in house package. This service includes centimeter scale survey grade drone imagery and topography, the environmental knowledge for regulatory requirements and subsequent documentation and a Professional Geologist on staff with extensive experience in quarry design and procurement to produce a complete set of professional quarry plans.


The new geoscience service line covers items such as quarry management, quarry design, lease procurement, Provincial/Municipal permitting, GPSing of quarry permit boundaries, annual quarry renewal and royalty reporting, liaison with various stakeholders, geotechnical services and more. We are also providing aggregate resource and quarry materials exploration license assessment services. Additionally, a broad range of exploration services are being offered to the mineral industry. SEM can also be of assistance when bidding construction work with regards to sourcing suitable developed or undeveloped quarry sites and much more.